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Here are some samples of testimonials from our happy clients. Whilst everyone's specific goals, level of fitness, commitment and motivation is different, we hope that these testimonials help to inspire you with what is possible with the right trainer helping you along the way. 

Feel free to contact me to discuss helping you to be a great success story!

Tanya - Size 22 to size 10

When I first started training with Joe at the beginning of this year, I could just about walk at a reasonable pace - from my car to the shops! Joe introduced me to 4 weeks nutrition & lifestyle diary and most importantly how to become fitter and healthier. I started to see quick results.........

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I decided to book some sessions with Joe as I got to a point where I realised that I needed some help and advice and someone to push me more than what I could myself. Joe initially asked me what my goals were and took all of my measurements, height, weight BMI etc.........

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Sarah - dropped 3 dress sizes from 14 to a size 8!

After seeing the picture taken on my 40th birthday, I realised that modern living had caught up with me. I decided to make a change, so I called Joe. 

It’s the best thing I ever did. I was nervous at first but he made me feel comfortable & at ease. He gave me the motivation and guidance I needed. The results were amazing!


Your probably thinking another profile of a personal trainer, whats different about this person to other personal trainers in a gym? You have to try it to experience the unfolding changes! I remember the first meeting which was an assessment, now I realise the importance of this session and for the need of the process to start with evaluation and action needed for changes to take place.The assessment looked closely at the body internally and externally, history of diet, exercise and lifestyle. At the time I was unaware of all the above and how this was effecting my health. The effects had taken its toll and my left ankle had a fracture due to the knee not being aligned with the ankle which Joe brought to my attention.........

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Cecilia - 5 stone loss!

Testimonial to Joe Creek, Personal Trainer Extraordinaire – the Man Who Changed my Life! “This time last year I was very unfit, overweight, dreaded having photos taken and each visit to the gym was a chore. Bored one day I decided to sign up for an introductory personal training session with Joe. It was, without doubt, one of the best things I have ever done! Within the space of a year, it’s turned my life around.........

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I have been a member of gym since 2002 and in all that time never lost an ounce. I started the gym because I wanted to loose excess weight around my middle that no diet would shift. Last September I started training with Joe, with his diet guide and training skills I have lost 16 lbs but have lost the stubborn weight around my waist. I now feel happier, healthier and confident with my body image.Joe is an excellent trainer, encouraging, helpful and pushes you to the limit. He is a task master; he guides you expects you to follow his regime. Apart from his training skills he is also a very caring and likable person.


While being a new member at greens I started going everyday to try and stay fit slowly that turned in to 3 times a week I was running out of motivation and needed help with information on what was the best equipment for me. I started training with Joe in late October and since then I find myself full of energy.I have started eating all the right foods by keeping a record of what I eat and drink in a file along with all the different work outs we do in the gym for a hour from abs to posture and weights to toning I found I have lost quite a bit of weight a stone in fact due to the hard work that I have put in as well as the effort Joe has made giving me loads of advice.

He also recommended some classes I should do to help with the work outs I now attend spinning for 45 mins on a Monday and body pump for a hour on Fridays I found it helped much more as it keeps me more motivated and I can really see a difference every time I train. I'm very happy with the results so far I still have a way to go to reach my goals but I'm finding my self a lot more confident with my appearance by wearing leggings and belly tops instead of baggy clothes that cover everything but not only that I found a friend in my personal trainer as Joe was not going to give up on me when I didn't want to train and he is always willing to give me as much help and advice as possible. It really has made a huge difference to get the help rather struggle on my own I recommend it to anyone to give it ago.


I have always battled with my weight and after a stressful last year I gained 3  stone, taking me to 12  stone in total, going from a size 8 to a size 12/14. With problems with bulimia and binge eating my health was at an all time low, feeling tired, unconfident and disappointed. However, after taking on personnel fitness lessons with Joe I began to slowly start getting back to normality. I started to enjoy exercise, face a few home truths and adjust my life style. I have lost the weight slowly and healthily and try to enjoy the concept of food. After about 8 months I am now down to 9  stone, a lot slimmer but still keeping a curvy figure, which I have learnt to like. I am maintaining my exercise and food plans and feel like I have a good approach to my weight now. I would recommend anyone to have a personnel trainer, and in this case Joe, who was extremely understanding, supportive and fun. Not only did he coach me through my physical fitness and adjusted my food plan but he gave me plenty of time to discuss issues that may be affecting my fitness on an emotional level. Therefore, I was able to tackle the root of the problem. Since losing the weight and reaching my goal I feel confident and content within myself. I recommend this to anyone wanting to reach their goal in fitness and weight loss.