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Foundations of Health

Remember, optimal health and vitality begins with these six foundational principles;

  • Thoughts.  Healthy thoughts create healthy bodies
  • Breathing.  Focusing your attention on deep healthy breathing reduces stress
  • Hydration.  For optimal health drink .033 L of water for every kg of your bodyweight daily 
  • Nutrition.  Eat high quality organic food that is right for your biochemical individuality 
  • Sleep.  Getting to bed before 10.30pm every night will promote optimal health 
  • Exercise and movement.  Exercise regularly and include energy building exercises for vitality


  • There is no good or bad exercise. Rather it is the right exercise for the right person, at the right time and performed the right way.
  • Exercise is a stress and every session has a cost. Balance your training with the right amount and quality of recovery to ensure the effects are positive.
  • Fitness is made up of many factors. The fitness to run a marathon is very different from that required to sprint 100m, throw a discus compete as a bodybuilder. The type of training that you should do depends on your particular goals. 
  •  Like the saying goes if you fail to plan you are planning to fail. Get clear about your goals and set objectives for your training.

The Truth About Nutrition - Aspartame

Did you know the food and drug administration companies deal with more complaints form Aspartame than any other food additive, colouring or preservative. In fact its about 85% of all there complaints comes from Aspartame. All these chemicals are generally recognised as safe and tend to remain that way  until they are linked to major diseases like cancer and kill loads of people. But even before these chemical are removed from a generally recognised as safe category extensive research must be undertaken to make sure they should be withdrawn from the market.  Well it takes lots of money for an independent researcher to fund the kind of reasearch needed to demonstrate the real threat from chemicals like Aspartame.......... 

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Benefits of training with a fit ball

1) Improve your posture: if you have poor posture you will use more energy to move the body, with the fit ball you will improve your posture alignment the result being a better functional performance. In addition good posture will decrease your chances of injury during exercise and will improve your balance, agility and overall sports performance. The fit ball mirrors your imbalances back to you making the ball a great way to improve muscle conditioning.........

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How To Correctly Set Up Your Spin Bike

Spin bikes are designed to fit all shapes, sizes and abilities. Getting your bike set up correct is the single most important aspect when taking part in a spin class. Thinking about it, your usually fixed to the bike for at least 40 minutes during a class, if you was to get the position wrong this would effect your range of movement, range of performance and even cause pain!..........

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Learning how to read your exercise program - Reps, Sets, Tempos and Rest Periods

To get the best out of your exercise program and training it is vital that you learn how to read and understand some exercise terminology. Reps, Sets, Tempos , Intensity and Rest Periods are referred to as exercise variables. Your program will include all these exercise variables, so making sure you understand the terminology can be the difference of making your program effective rather than ineffective..........

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Chest Press -Bench or Ball ?

So whats the most common movement I see in the gym? The bench press!! Unfortunately when you think about it the most dysfunctional movement performed in  the gym would be lying on a bench performing a bench press. The functional carry over to everyday life or a sports situation is literally zero. When would you actually be pressing anything laying down? Also during sports if you are lying on the back you are out of the game! Learn about common injuries and how to prevent them! Learn the importance of scapular retraction during a push pattern and how suing the Swiss ball could prevent a shoulder injury and make the movement pattern more functional!……….

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Benefits of organic

Learn the importance of organic farming when choosing your food and how organic food is better for the environment, contains less toxins, has a better nutrient value, a better protein quality, great for boosting overall health and maintaining optimal body weight!……….

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10 Must Know Sugar Tips

Sugar has been labeled by many health experts and doctors around the world as the cocaine of the food industry. This highly addicted non-food makes it’s way onto the shelves in almost every supermarket. Food companies continue to produce thousands of different types of sugary foods, providing huge profits, making sugar a massive money making industry!……….

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