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Initial Consultation


Once payment is received you will be set up with a personal account and login within there will be some per-consultation questionnaires to complete which can be found at the top of your screen under 'questionnaires'. These questionnaires may include the following:

Health and Fitness Goals
Medical History and Present Medical Condition
Pain and Discomfort Questionnaire
Seven Intelligences Questionnaire

It is necessary to complete the per-consultation questionnaires as this will save valuable time and allow your experience to be more beneficial and tailored towards your personal goals.

Once you are logged in to your personal account within you can also request to book your Consultation by accessing CALENDAR then my MY TRAINER'S CALENDAR. You can view available times by scrolling through the various options for example,; day, week, month. Once your ready to book your preferred time and date press REQUEST NEW APPOINTMENT.

Service type select Consulation
Select your date
Select your time
the session will be one hour
and then press create!

The requested appointment is then dealt with at my end and would either be accepted or rejected due to availability.

Please note; if you are finding it difficult to book your preferred apportionment please make sure that time is available by checking MY TRAINER'S CALENDAR.

Any problems please to not hesitate to contact us