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Corrective Stretching Programme


This Scientific Corrective Stretching Programme has been designed to teach you everything there is to know about stretching correctly. You will learn 40 corrective stretching techniques, a system to test yourself, prioritise the most important stretches to build yourself a personalised Corrective Stretching Programme.


1) How to understand what stretching offers and how it can help you achieve health and wellbeing

2) How to perform a stretching test assessment that will identify your imbalances

3) How to make a corrective stretching program to balance your muscles.

4) The best times to stretch and the importance for stretching for everyday life

5) How to perform at least 40 corrective stretches including pictures, written information and possible video clips of every stretch.

6) How to retest yourself and manage a constant changing stretching program

This programme is recommended to ALL fitness levels, so whether you are currently exercising or not it would be a great programme for you. Suffer from any back pain? knee pain? or any other pain this programme could be what your looking for to help fix your problems.

Gain & Restore Flexibility
Increase your Range of Movement
Improve Posture
Improve Muscle Tone
Balance the Body
Reduce Injuries & Pain
Increase Metabolism
Improve Sporting or Daily Performance

Recommended Equipment:
Swiss Ball